Indie Outback- The Brainstorm

June 30, 2020

I was recently lucky enough to receive an Arts Council of Australia 2020 Resilience Fund Create Grant for my middle reader series Indie Outback. Indie Outback will be a three part series completed by May 2021. Some of the funds will allow me to spend time focusing on writing, some will go towards editing and development with editor Shel Sweeney from A Worded Life.

So it is to the drawing board to flesh out the story ideas some more!

Indie will adventure the outback… a little like me. She will make lots of friends in her new outback town… a little like me. She will be about 12… I was once 😉 But she will be a beautiful character of her own.

My brainstorming process is to write the key ideas that pop into my head, then branch off with related ideas (as crazy as they may seem). For Indie I wanted to highlight the unique experience of living out bush that people who have only lived in suburban Australia might not get to see in real life.

I’m not sure exactly where this adventure will take her but so far it has taken her to some crazy scribbled places all over my mind map! Maybe she will save a poddy calf lost in the bush? Maybe she will wrestle a snake? Maybe she will escape from a crocodile? Who knows… but it will be good! Stay tuned!

xxx Hakea

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