Indie Outback- Tackles the tough stuff

October 30, 2020

As you might have read previously, I was awarded a Create grant through the Arts Council of Australia- 2020 Resilience program. I’ve been blogging about the journey writing this middle reader series.

This year has been ‘unprecedented’ during a ‘global pandemic’. I’ve had to turn off the news sometimes. Hearing of the data coming from overseas and the stories of people doing it tough here in Australia has been a little too much. I worry about my family back over East through the lock down and overseas. I’m sad that we have missed almost a whole year of time- my daughter is 4 and my grandparents are old so I would have loved her to have more time with them this year.

So diving into Indie’s story has sometimes been a little bit of a relief. In saying that Indie has been tackling her own tough stuff in her story. Indie had to move from her home town to the middle of nowhere, she’s had to be the ‘new kid’ and struggle to find her place, she has had to learn about new cultures. It has been a bit of a balancing act giving Indie her struggles- because her readers will be 10-12 year old girls in Australia, as tough as those awesome readers will be, I’m not sure how heavy to make Indie’s troubles. At the moment in the story, Indie’s mum has ‘left’- I need to decide why. Is she dead, did she just leave them, is she in jail, is she a missing person? I’m not sure yet. I have to remember to make Indie authentic but also resilient, brave and strong. She is leading her own story. I guess I’ll have to see what she overcomes.

xxx Hakea


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