Indie Outback Series March Update

March 29, 2021

Back in the swing of things- I’m working casually teaching this year, running a small online business with Carl and we are both writing… as well as, you know, life.

The juggle and the struggle are real!

I’m plodding along with book two getting it ready to pass over to my editor, Shel Sweeney from A Worded Life to work her magic on. It is a bit nerve wracking getting it ready to have fresh eyes on- my first individual middle readers and my first series. I can see all the plot holes but I am loving the process of learning.

All of which is thanks to Arts Council of Australia- highly recommend developing artists submitting to their grants to see if you can get some funding to allow you to focus on writing. For me it has allowed me to only work casually this term and balance the write with the finances!

Stay tuned!


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