Indie Outback- Hits the page running

August 30, 2020

As you know I was awarded an Arts Council of Australia- 2020 Resilience Fund Grant for my middle reader series, Indie Outback.

I’ve brainstormed and plotted… and now Indie has hit the pages of her first draft. It is exciting watching the story unfold on the paper. Sometimes it feels like it’s her writing herself… not me doing the writing. Even though I have my plan plotted I am surprised sometimes where the story takes us. If she is holding my hand pulling me into the story or if I am holding hers pulling her off the page.

Either way, Indie has shared how her father had lost his job and how they had to downsize their life to make ends meet. Indie’s dad has told her that they will move to a mining town to make the most of a job opportunity that he has. Indie has been overwhelmed and upset at the prospect of leaving the town she grew up in, the friends she grew up with and everything she has ever known.

Moving towns can be tough 🙁 Indie will be fine I know but sometimes it is hard to write stuff that is so painful for a character.

I better get back to it! Stay tuned for more Indie Outback updates!

xxx Hakea


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