Indie Outback- Goodbye 2020

December 30, 2020

For those who haven’t been following along, I’m Hakea Hustler- teacher and author. In 2020 I was awarded an Arts Council of Australia- 2020 Resilience Create Grant for the creation of Indie Outback my first solo middle reader series. My usual co-author, Carl Merrison, is off busy on his own individual creation- Backyard Sports a picture book series that was awarded the Blak&Write! Fellowship this year- supported by State Library of Queensland, Arts Council of Australia and Hachette. So the year has been a little different for us each. We have been creating some collaborative works as well- a few picture books, the start of a romance (!) and editing our newest Magabala release.

I’m glad I’m not saying goodbye to Indie in 2021- we have another 6 months together and another two books to adventure through. Indie and I toughed out some difficult things in 2020- the real world pandemic, closed borders, aging relatives, the juggle of work and home, and some more AND Indie’s world where she faced leaving behind all she knew to move to remote Australia, the challenges of being the new kid, learning culture and finding her place.

I’m not sure what Indie’s new years resolutions would be. Maybe ‘explore more’, and ‘spend more time with dad’, ‘visit my friends back home’.

For me I’m not into new years resolutions so much. I am trying to manifest ‘abundance’, ‘health’ and ‘happiness’. I always love filling out a fresh new diary with all the things to look forward to. This year I have some big goals. More books, new income streams, new adventures… it will be interesting to see what unfolds!

Thanks for following our journey.

xxx Hakea


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