Indie Outback- Chapters deep

September 30, 2020

I have been posting about my journey writing Indie Outback middle reader series thanks to the Arts Council of Australia- 2020 Resilience Fund Create Grant. Today I wanted to update how the first book is going.

Writing Indie Outback has been an interesting process for me- the brainstorm, the narrative structure outline, getting her flowing onto the page. We are chapters deep now. The story seems to have found a rhythm- most chapters are similar length and the scenes play out quite naturally. Sometimes I do have to go back and flesh out chapters a little more to keep them in line with the others and if I find myself writing a really long chapter I can check to see if it could be split across two chapters instead- to help stay true to the flow of the story. So far each chapter seems to be about 1000-1500 words each.

Life has gotten in the way a few times. I’ve found being creative a little challenging- worrying for elderly family over East and being unable to visit them in the midst of a pandemic. Usually I visit home at least once or twice a year. Sometimes the story just isn’t there and I struggle to pull on the strings to weave anymore. But other days, Indie really wants to come out and will drag me to the computer and I will write all day. It seems the flow of the chapters isn’t quite matched in the flow of the writing!

Until next time- thanks for following Indie’s journey.

xxx Hakea


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