Indie Outback- Book One Nears The End

November 30, 2020

For those who are new to our blog, I’m Hakea Hustler. In this post series I have been sharing the journey of writing Indie Outback- my first solo middle reader series- thanks to the Arts Council of Australia 2020 Resilience Create Grant. Carl is busy working on his own individual project, Backyard Sports, with the Blak&Write! team thanks to State Library of Queensland, Hachette and Arts Council of Australia. So it has been a very different writing experience for both of us.

I’m pretty happy with the update today, Indie’s first story is fleshed out. I am sitting at around 18,000 words. There are a few more strands to weave through in editing but for now I’m letting Book One go so that I can block out Book Two and not lose momentum.

The good part about writing a series is that I don’t have to really do much more brainstorming or storyboarding- as I have done that at the beginning for them all. But I do need to revisit this to make sure the plot still works with all that has now been built into Indie’s first book.

It is a really hectic time of the year. School finishes on the 18th of December and I am so excited to be heading back over East for Christmas. Making time for Indie’s next adventure, as always, is a little challenging. I know some writers who aim to write 500 words every day no matter what, some that write before the kids wake up, some that write until midnight. I find that I tell the story to myself in the shower, on long drives or sitting at the beach- and then it will take me and I’ll write 1000 words in a day. Other days, I won’t feel the story and can’t write at all- even if I try. I’m sure as I grow as a writer I’ll get a routine- but for now these spurts of writing are the best it’s going to get!

Stay tuned to see what Indie gets up to in Book Two!

xxx Hakea




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